Harness the Power of Solar Energy with SunTex Roofing in Frisco, Texas

Join the green revolution in Frisco, Texas, with SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction’s innovative solar energy solutions. Embrace a sustainable future with our efficient, cutting-edge solar options designed for your home or business.

Unleashing the Potential of Solar Energy in Frisco with SunTex

Features and Benefits of SunTex Solar Solutions

Step into the future with SunTex Roofing's solar energy services in Frisco. Our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and long-term cost savings makes solar energy an intelligent investment for your property.

Custom Roofing Needs

We tailor solar solutions to meet your unique energy needs in Frisco, ensuring optimal production and efficiency.

Advanced Solar Technology

Utilizing the latest technology, SunTex maximizes solar energy capture for homes and businesses in Frisco.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Commit to a greener future in Frisco with our solar installations, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Solar Energy is a Wise Investment in Frisco, Texas

Choosing SunTex Roofing for your solar energy needs means investing in a sustainable and cost-effective future for your Frisco property.

How It Works

How It Works: Your Path to Solar Energy in Frisco

SunTex Roofing simplifies the adoption of solar energy in Frisco with a streamlined process.

Step 1 -  Solar Consultation

Start with a tailored consultation to evaluate your solar energy needs in Frisco, exploring the best options for your property.

Step 2 - Design and Planning

Our solar experts design a custom solution that fits your property's layout in Frisco, aligning with your energy goals.

Step 3 - Professional Installation

Experience seamless solar panel installation, enhancing your property's energy efficiency in Frisco.

Step 4 - Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Benefit from continuous support and maintenance from SunTex, ensuring your solar system in Frisco operates at its best.

Transform Your Property in Frisco with SunTex Solar Energy

Are you ready to make the switch to solar? Contact SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction in Frisco today and embark on your journey to sustainable, efficient solar energy solutions.

About Solar Energy Solutions in Frisco, Texas by SunTex Roofing

At SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction, we're leading the solar energy revolution in Frisco, Texas. Our comprehensive solar services include everything from custom system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and support, making the transition to solar energy seamless for both residential and commercial clients in Frisco.

Our solar solutions in Frisco are custom-designed to maximize energy savings and reduce environmental impact. We utilize the latest solar technology, ensuring that your solar system is more than just an add-on – it's an integral, high-performing part of your Frisco property.

Explore Our Solar Energy Projects in Frisco, Texas

Take a look through our project gallery to see the range and quality of solar services we've delivered in Frisco and across North Texas. Each completed project is a testament to our commitment to quality and solar excellence.

Hear From Our Satisfied Frisco Clients

Hear from our satisfied customers! From outstanding roofing jobs to excellent customer service, SunTex Roofing has built a reputation across North Texas that we're proud of.

SunTex went the extra mile to get our roof replaced. Our insurance company was dragging out the claim process. SunTex came out twice to take additional photos of the roof and submit them directly to the insurance company for us. The roof quality is great. The installation crew put in an outstanding effort getting a complicated roof done in one day.

Keith Astoria

Alex Keller with SunTex Roofing exceeded! SunTex gave us a great experience from start to finish. The entire crew protected our new windows, plants, AC units, garden structures and even pool. I HIGHLY recommend this Texas local roofing company.

Sara Odom

Everything was so easy from start to finish. They not only replaced the roof in 1 day but also arranged for the interior damages to be repaired and the replacement of the damaged gutters. I think this is the 4th roof we’ve had to put on this one house and by far the best company I’ve dealt with! From this point on Sun Tex will be the only roofing company I use or recommend!!

Teri Redwine

Shawn provides unmatched customer support and response times. We moved into a new house with the previous owners creating a massive hole upon moving out. Shawn came out immediately and provided a temporary patch to mitigate damage from an incoming storm. Then came back for the official repair a few days later.

Alex Chase

SunTex went the extra mile to get our roof replaced. Our insurance company was dragging out the claim process. SunTex came out twice to take additional photos of the roof and submit them directly to the insurance company for us. The roof quality is great. The installation crew put in an outstanding effort getting a complicated roof done in one day. HIGHLY recommend!

Katie Astoria

Shawn & his Team do GREAT work!  Fast and clean as they do your roof replacement process.  Shawn and Leanne are very professional.  They get the job done.  We are very pleased with our new roof, cutters and the restoration of our fence after the Salado Tornado this past April.

Gary Schmiedekamp

Your Solar Energy Questions Answered

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our solar energy services in Frisco, Texas.

Can SunTex install solar panels in Frisco, Texas?

Yes, SunTex specializes in the installation of solar panels in Frisco, offering energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

How much do solar panels for my roof cost in Frisco?

The cost of a solar panels for your roof in Frisco varies depending on the size, type, and quantity. We provide customized quotes after assessing your specific energy needs and roof structure.

Are there tax benefits for installing solar panels on my roof in Frisco?

Yes, homeowners and businesses in Frisco can benefit from various federal and state tax incentives for installing solar panels on their roofs, making it a cost-effective investment.

How long do solar panels last in Frisco?

Solar panels in Frisco have a long lifespan, typically around 25 to 30 years, and are designed to withstand local weather conditions while providing consistent energy output.

Can I use solar panels on a commercial property in Frisco?

Absolutely, solar panels are an excellent choice for commercial properties in Frisco, offering long-term energy savings and environmental benefits.

What are the energy savings with solar panels in Frisco?

The energy savings with solar panels in Frisco can be significant, often resulting in a substantial reduction in electricity bills. The exact savings depend on the size of the system and energy usage.

Do you offer free solar panel consultations in Frisco?

Yes, SunTex offers free solar panel consultations in Frisco, where we evaluate your property and discuss the potential benefits and costs of a solar energy system.

How does solar panels work with my existing power in Frisco?

Solar panels in Frisco works in conjunction with your existing power grid, providing solar energy during the day while relying on the grid when solar production is low.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us for more info at (214) 766-3669 or go to our contact page to reach out there.

Embrace a Brighter, Greener Future with SunTex Solar Energy

Join the growing number of Frisco residents who are turning to SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction for reliable and efficient solar energy solutions.