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Looking for top-notch roofing and more in Frisco, Texas? SunTex Roofing offers a wide range of services to cover all your needs. From residential and commercial roofing to solar and fencing, we're your one-stop solution.

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SunTex Roofing is here to cover all your general contracting needs with our concierge level service.

Let us enhance the beauty and safety of your home with our all-encompassing services.

Residential Roofing

Experience quality and durable roofing with SunTex, your top choice for residential roofers in North, Central, & Austin Texas . We ensure your home stays safe, dry, and aesthetically pleasing, year-round.

Commercial Roofing

Protect your investment properties in North, Central, & Austin Texas with reliable and efficient commercial roofing solutions from SunTex. Our expertise extends to multifamily and commercial buildings, ensuring top-quality roof installations.

Solar Panels

Our high-quality solar panels are not just aesthetically pleasing but also effective in cutting down your energy bills, positioning SunTex as your go-to provider for solar solutions.

Painting Services

Revitalize the interior and exterior of your North, Central, & Austin Texas home with SunTex's painting services. Add a new layer of charm and increase your home's curb appeal effortlessly.


Enhance your North, Central, & Austin Texas home with our fencing services that offer both privacy and style. SunTex provides various fencing solutions tailored to your needs.


Protect your home from water damage with our rain gutter services. Our gutters in North, Central, & Austin Texas ensure that rainwater is efficiently directed away from your home, safeguarding your foundation.

Frisco Residential Roofing

Your home is your castle, and it deserves a roof that stands strong. In Frisco, we're the go-to experts for all things residential roofing. From minor repairs to full replacements, we've got you covered.

We handle all the insurance claims processes so you can save time and avoid stress.

Free yearly roof inspections ensure you catch any issues early, saving you money in the long run.

Quality materials are used for longevity, meaning you won't have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements.

Frisco Multifamily Commercial Roofing

Manage a multifamily complex in Frisco? Our commercial roofing services are designed to minimize hassle and maximize lifespan. Keep your tenants happy and your buildings safe with our professional service.

Bulk pricing options help you manage your budget better, giving you more financial freedom.

Timely service execution minimizes inconvenience to your tenants, keeping them happier and reducing complaints.

Custom maintenance plans are available so you can focus on property management, not roofing issues.

Solar Roofs in Frisco

Thinking of going green? Solar roofing is the future, and in Frisco, we're ahead of the curve. Invest in solar roofing with us and start saving on your energy bills today.

Energy assessment included to help you understand how much you'll save, making your investment clearer.

We handle all permits and paperwork so you can enjoy a hassle-free transition to solar energy.

Durable solar panels ensure you don't have to worry about repairs, letting you focus on the benefits of going green.

Frisco Interior and Exterior Painting

A new coat of paint can make all the difference. In Frisco, our painting services are tailored to bring new life to your home or business. Let us help you make a bold statement.

Color consultation included to make sure you get the look you desire, boosting your home's appeal.

Quick drying, low VOC paints ensure your family's health is not compromised.

Surface preparation done thoroughly so the paint lasts longer, reducing the need for touch-ups.

Frisco Fencing

Need to boost your home's curb appeal or privacy? Our fencing services in Frisco are here to provide you with high-quality solutions that last. Choose from various styles to suit your needs.

Various material options allow you to choose what's right for you, making your fence both functional and stylish.

Professional installation ensures your fence will stand strong for years, giving you peace of mind.

Free initial assessment to determine your fencing needs, saving you from costly mistakes.

Frisco Gutters

Rain or shine, your gutters play a big role in keeping your Frisco home safe. From cleaning to installing top-of-the-line gutters, we ensure that water flows where it should.

Seamless gutter options prevent leaks, helping you avoid water damage to your home.

Gutter guards installed to reduce the need for frequent cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Proper water flow planning ensures effectiveness, reducing the risk of foundation damage.

Testimonials From People Just Like You From Texas And Beyond

Hear from our satisfied customers in Central, North, and Austin Texas! From outstanding roofing jobs to excellent concierge level customer service.

SunTex went the extra mile to get our roof replaced. Our insurance company was dragging out the claim process. SunTex came out twice to take additional photos of the roof and submit them directly to the insurance company for us. The roof quality is great. The installation crew put in an outstanding effort getting a complicated roof done in one day.

Keith Astoria

Alex Keller with SunTex Roofing exceeded! SunTex gave us a great experience from start to finish. The entire crew protected our new windows, plants, AC units, garden structures and even pool. I HIGHLY recommend this Texas local roofing company.

Sara Odom

Everything was so easy from start to finish. They not only replaced the roof in 1 day but also arranged for the interior damages to be repaired and the replacement of the damaged gutters. I think this is the 4th roof we’ve had to put on this one house and by far the best company I’ve dealt with! From this point on Sun Tex will be the only roofing company I use or recommend!!

Teri Redwine

Shawn provides unmatched customer support and response times. We moved into a new house with the previous owners creating a massive hole upon moving out. Shawn came out immediately and provided a temporary patch to mitigate damage from an incoming storm. Then came back for the official repair a few days later.

Alex Chase

SunTex went the extra mile to get our roof replaced. Our insurance company was dragging out the claim process. SunTex came out twice to take additional photos of the roof and submit them directly to the insurance company for us. The roof quality is great. The installation crew put in an outstanding effort getting a complicated roof done in one day. HIGHLY recommend!

Katie Astoria

Shawn & his Team do GREAT work!  Fast and clean as they do your roof replacement process.  Shawn and Leanne are very professional.  They get the job done.  We are very pleased with our new roof, cutters and the restoration of our fence after the Salado Tornado this past April.

Gary Schmiedekamp

General FAQs about our services

Find quick answers to your most pressing questions about our roofing and other services. We've got you covered for all your queries in Frisco and North Texas.

How often should I replace my residential roof in Frisco?

Typically, a well-installed residential roof in Frisco should last about 20-30 years. However, SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction offers free yearly inspections to ensure your roof is in top shape, potentially extending its lifespan.

What are the benefits of multifamily commercial roofing services by SunTex?

SunTex offers bulk pricing and timely service for multifamily commercial roofing in Frisco. We aim to minimize tenant inconvenience and offer custom maintenance plans to meet your specific needs.

Is switching to a solar roof in Frisco cost-effective?

Yes, SunTex solar roofs can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. We provide an initial energy assessment to show you how much you could save on energy bills.

What type of paint does SunTex Painting Services use in Frisco?

We use quick-drying, low-VOC paints that are not only durable but also safe for your family's health.

How long does it take for SunTex to install a fence in Frisco?

The time it takes to install a fence depends on various factors like material and yard size. However, SunTex Fencing always aims to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do you offer seamless gutters in Frisco?

Yes, SunTex offers seamless gutter options to prevent leaks and ensure proper water flow, helping you avoid potential water damage to your home.

What's included in SunTex's gutter services in Frisco?

We provide seamless gutter options, gutter guards, and proper water flow planning to make sure your home is protected from water damage.

How do I get started with SunTex Roofing and Reconstruction services in Frisco?

You can get started by either filling out our online contact form or calling us directly. We offer free initial assessments for all our services.

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